The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) has supported a range of initiatives in recent years designed to develop hydrogen fuel cell buses to a point where they can fulfil their promise as a mainstream zero emission vehicle for public transport. Within this study, 90 different European cities and regions have been supported in understanding the business case of fuel cell bus deployment and across these locations. The study analyses the funding and financing for fuel cell bus... Read more
This brand new brochure gives a general overview of the latest FCH JU achievements and funded projects' success stories.
On the occasion of its 10th Stakeholder forum, the FCH JU published a unique and exclusive book. This book sets out the story behind both the FCH JU and fuel cell and hydrogen technology in Europe. It reviews the events leading to its creation and examines the achievements that have allowed Europe to take a leading role in fuel cell and hydrogen excellence. It also looks at what this investment in fuel cell technology will mean for the EU in the coming years.
Hydrogen is widely recognised as a promising option for storing large quantities of renewable electricity over longer periods. For that reason, in an energy future where renewables are a dominant power source, opportunities for Power to- Hydrogen in the long-term appear to be generally acknowledged. The key challenge today is to identify concrete short-term investment opportunities, based on sound economics and robust business cases. The focus of this study is to identify these early business... Read more
The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) organised the sixth edition of its Programme Review Days (PRD). 100 projects allocated in 6 panels covering cross-cutting, energy and transport in research and demonstration activities have been the basis of the FCH JU's annual review of its research and innovation programme.
By 31 December 2016 the first 3 calls under H2020 had closed. This report summarises the first results on the popularity of the programme, the success of SMEs, the degree to which the programme has attracted newcomers and the FCH JU Programme Office performance against some Key Performance Indicators.
In 2015 the FCH 2 JU procured a survey to collect feedback from FCH JU beneficiaries and FCH main bodies (Governing Board, States Representatives Group and Scientific Committee) on the perceived quality of services offered by the FCH JU Programme Office. The survey was carried out in the form of a questionnaire sent to 793 identified stakeholders with the response rate reaching 30%. With regards to the respondents’ profile, more than 84% are beneficiaries, one third of which are project... Read more
This report summarises the efforts in setting up a joint procurement strategy for the purchase of fuel cell buses in clusters in Europe (Benelux, France, Germany, Northern Europe and UK). Building on the findings of the 2015 FCH JU commercialisation study and working with the clusters, the report also outlines the efforts undertaken to build up the demand. The results indicate that a European effort can be very effective in increasing the demand to where significant price reductions can be... Read more
The 2015 Programme Review Report refers to the fifth review of the FCH JU project portfolio and covers 100 projects funded through annual calls for proposals from 2009 to 2013. The reviews began in 2011, following a recommendation arising from the interim evaluation of the FCH JU which identified the need to ensure that the overall project portfolio fulfilled the objectives of the FCH JU Multi-Annual Implementation and Work Plans.
The FCH JU has, with its industry and research partners, worked since 2008 to develop and demonstrate FCH technologies, along with development of the various business and environmental cases. It has involved a programme of increasingly ambitious demonstrations projects, a consistent approach to research and development actions and a long term policy commitment. Developing the business and environmental cases for FCH technologies has created an increasingly compelling vision appealing... Read more