Proposition of a testing protocol for certification of existing and future HRS


This document is the final deliverable of Task 1 of the tender N° FCH / OP / CONTRACT 196: “Development of a
Metering Protocol for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations”.
Objectives of Task 1 were specified as follow:
- Forming a working group or task force with the relevant national institutes, representing a minimum of 3
Member States out of the main countries where HRS are operated;
- Coordinating the efforts to develop a testing protocol for the temporary approval of flow meters and HRS;
- Obtaining agreement from all participants within the first 4 months of the work on said protocol;
- Ensuring that this simplified protocol achieves the proper balance for the following requirements:
- Cost effectiveness
- Confidence in its reliability and its accuracy
- Feasible to implement as easily as possible (simplicity of equipment and time)
All the work performed in Task 1 and associated outcomes / conclusions are reported here.

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