FCH 2 JU Satisfaction Survey


In 2015 the FCH 2 JU procured a survey to collect feedback from FCH JU beneficiaries and FCH main bodies (Governing Board, States Representatives Group and Scientific Committee) on the perceived quality of services offered by the FCH JU Programme Office.

The survey was carried out in the form of a questionnaire sent to 793 identified stakeholders with the response rate reaching 30%. With regards to the respondents’ profile, more than 84% are beneficiaries, one third of which are project coordinators; 40% represent SMEs, 16% are members of Hydrogen Europe and 19% of N.ERGHY. Nearly 1/5 of the respondents come from Germany.

The identified services included all aspects of the Programme Office tasks: preparation of calls for proposals, grant awards, grant management lifecycle (amendments, project reviews, assessment of interim and final reports), provision of information, financial workshops, info and coordinator days, reports and publications. Participants were also asked to evaluate the available tools, procedures and guidance provided.

The overall satisfaction with the services provided by the FCH 2 JU Programme Office was high (1,13 on a scale from -2 to +2).

Opportunities for improvement were identified in the field of IT offered services and tools as well as reporting. Suggestions came along the same context, calling for simplification of the reporting procedure, proposing clearer and simpler guidelines and increasing support to SMEs. 

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