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2021 data collection:

In addition to periodic reports, that can be more or less descriptive, under the framework of the 2020 Annual Programme Review Exercise - a contractual obligation aligned with articles 17 and 19 of the model grant agreement, FCH JU projects are required to report on progress and status according to template questionnaires related to the technologies addressed. Full information on this process can be found here.

Continuing the 2020 exercise, for 2021 (data obtained in 2020), the data will be collected online using the TRUST (Technology Reporting Using Structured Templates) secure data collection tool and are intended for the exclusive use of the FCH JU.

Information labelled confidential in TRUST will not be disclosed by the FCH JU unless it has been duly aggregated with other data of comparable nature in a manner that renders the original data and their source unrecognisable. From 2020, parameters labelled with the prefix 'KPI' (Key Performance Indicator) are considered by default public unless justification is provided by the data-provider for the necessity to keep the data confidential. These data will be used only by the FCH JU programme office for the purpose of the Annual Programme Review.

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Download TRUST user manual for data providers

TRUST parameters and templates (excel)

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2016 explanation file for TEMONAS tool used for the 2015 data collection exercise.

The questionnaires have been developed by the FCH JU in collaboration with its stakeholders, in view of covering the various technology aspects and obtain a significant information on project state of the art.

For transport demonstration projects, the work was widely based on the handbooks developed under project Hylights financed under FP6 (Handbook I and Handbook II)


- For Automotive Applications you can refer to the  EU HARMONISED TEST PROTOCOLS