Demonstration of new qualitative innovative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity

Don Quichote
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Hydrogen production & Distribution


The Don Quichote project will demonstrate the technical and economic viability of an integrated hydrogen storage system for renewable electricity linked to a hydrogen refuelling facility as an interesting commercial opportunity which connects intermittent renewable electricity to transport applications.

The project aims to:

  • demonstrate and validate the system-level technology readiness
  • generate further fact-based data for the exploitation of renewable electricity to hydrogen fuelled sustainable mobility


The results of the Don Quichote project will be disseminated according to a Project Dissemination Plan. In addition, a Project Exploitation Plan will be developed to inform key renewable industry players, end-users and DSO’s of the technical, economical and regulatory aspects of introducing a renewable energy storage system that is based on hydrogen production, into smart local grids.


In the past, some small and isolated combinations of renewable electricity and hydrogen production were demonstrated: these projects were limited in capacity and were relatively short in duration. Topics such as ‘overall efficiency’, ‘total cost of ownership’, ‘codes/standards’ and ‘impact of different pricing levels of electricity’ among others, have not yet been addressed in a comprehensive way.

The project Don Quichote is the next logical step towards the integration of ‘renewable electricity’ and ‘hydrogen’ into the mainstream

The main idea of Don Quichote is to  replace the components of an existing hydrogen refuelling system by more innovative and efficient components and to integrate those with a renewable energy source, thereby creating a renewable energy storage capacity based on hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be used to refuel mobile applications or to feed a fuel cell connected to the grid.

This project combines the targets of increasing renewable electricity, grid balancing, sustainable mobility and the use of clean hydrogen in a very concrete way and on several applications.

Project reference: 
SP1-JTI-FCH.2011.2.1: Demonstration of MW capacity, hydrogen production and storage for balancing the grid and supply to a hydrogen refuelling station
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Collaborative Project
Start date: 
Monday, October 1, 2012
End date: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018
60 months (originally), extended to 66 months
Project cost: 
€ 4,946,134
Project funding: 
€ 2,954,846

Hydrogenics Europe NV, Belgium

Dr. Jan Vaes
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Other participating organisations: 
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WaterstofNet vzw Belgium
Etablissement Franz Colruyt NV Belgium
TUV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH Germany
JRC-Joint Research Centre-European Commission Belgium
PE International AG Germany
Icelandic New Energy Ltd Iceland
FAST – Federazione delle associazioni scientifiche e tecniche Italy
(Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies (HYET) BV) The Netherlands