New Board members for the Industry Grouping of the Fuel cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

On 31 March 2010 the members of the Industry Grouping for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technology (NEW-IG) elected its new Board, including three new Board Members, Oliver Weinmann, (Vattenfall), Mikael Sloth (H2Logic), Karel Kapoun (Shell). The other members of the Board are Henri Winand (Intelligent Energy), Peter Froeschle (Daimler) and Pierre-Etienne Franc (Air Liquide).

Pierre-Etienne Franc, Technologies of the Future Director at Air Liquide, is elected to be the new Chairman. He is taking over form Gijs van Breda Vriesman, Commercial Manager Europe - Global Hydrogen Lead Alternative Energies at Shell, who has lead the organisation for the past four years.


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