FCH JU launches its 2013 call for proposals

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) devotes EUR 68, 5 Million this year to accelerate the market entry of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies

The FCH JU public private partnership published its sixth annual call for proposals yesterday, offering more than € Million 130 to support research and demonstration activities in these innovative and clean energy technologies.   With € 68, 5 million from its own budget, to be matched by in-kind contributions from industry, research organisations and possibly national funds, the FCH JU confirms its dedication to deliver the market entry of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. Acknowledging the contribution of these technologies to decarbonizing transport and energy systems, the efficient use and storage of energy and renewables, as well as the general increase of energy security, the sector has grown substantially over the past years. Although it has created jobs in Europe, it still faces fierce competition from the US and Asia (Japan Korea and China), as illustrated by a recent FCH JU survey.


For further reading, consult the press release.