The 4th stakeholders General Assembly focuses on the way towards deployment of the fuel cells and hydrogen technologies

How to pave the way towards the deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies is the focus of today’s 4th Stakeholders general assembly of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

Europe has reached a decisive stage in achieving its decarbonisation objectives by 2050. Hydrogen and fuel cells technologies are key in that respect. To date, significant investments have been made by all stakeholders to progress technological development and to get closer to market entry. Regulatory and adequate financing mechanisms are now needed to overcome the last barriers to deployment and encourage early adopters of these innovative technologies to move forward. With limited financial resources and an investment climate under pressure, concerted action between all stakeholders is more than ever essential to foster a successful integration of fuel cells and hydrogen in the European energy and transport system. The whole sector -industry and research all together- as well as EU and national policy makers will exchange and debate at the Stakeholders’ General Assembly on what is needed to bridge the gap between demonstrations to commercial deployment of these clean technologies as well as on the pooling of resources and policies.

The potential of these technologies for economic growth and job creation, notably in relation to international developments is also to be addressed during the event in the Charlemagne building.

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