New Bus Refuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots

FCH JU project New Bus Fuel is now finished and important findings on hydrogen refueling at large scale are being highlighted.

Hydrogen as a fuel for buses and other vehicles is considered as one of the best options for removing emissions of both air pollutants and carbon dioxide from our transport needs. The technology is developing fast and we have seen early deployments of small fleets of buses and cars. One of the big remaining questions has been how well this technology could scale up to meet the demands of mass scale transportation. This is particularly acute for buses, where busy bus depots can require huge quantities of fuel and there has been a question of how easily the technology can be scaled up.

The findings of a major European project have been published today and provide a definitive answer to this question. The answer is clear - Large scale hydrogen refueling is both commercially and technically feasible. Whilst work is required to develop and mature the technology and associated codes and standards, there are no show-stopping barriers which will prevent the large scale uptake of the technology.

Red the full press release here.