FCH JU at the EUSEW: Joined session on Green Gas

Brussels, 15 June 2016. In the context of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2016, the key stakeholder groups on gas – the 5 Brussels based organisations CEDEC, Eurogas, EBA, FCH JU & GEODE - came together to highlight the potential of renewable gases in decarbonising the energy system. Even though the role of renewables in the electricity sector is currently well understood, less is known about the potential of renewable gases. The session explored the potential role that renewable gases can play in the EU energy mix and how the existing gas grids can be used to accommodate them.

This event was unique in that it brought together the key stakeholder groups on this topic on a European basis for the first time: the biogas and biomethane producers, the hydrogen producers, the distribution gas grid operators and the gas suppliers. 

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