Bus Operators Launch Fuel Cell Bus Procurement in Germany and South Tyrol

A new joint procurement activity has just been launched in Germany thanks to FCH JU funded project JIVE.

Wuppertal based WSW mobil GmbH has tendered the procurement of 63 fuel cell buses for operation in public transport. WSW is coordinating the joint procurement for its partners Verkehrs‐Verbund Mainz‐ Wiesbaden GmbH, traffiQ Frankfurt, Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (all Germany) and SASA SpA‐AG in Bolzano (Itay) which are going to operate these buses in the next years.

The transport operators are part of a fuel cell bus procurement cluster which currently consists of 15 companies in Germany, South Tyrol and Trento. Their common target is to switch their complete bus fleets to emission‐free vehicles in the future. The cluster management is supported by FCH JU.

Read the full press release here.