Stakeholder Forum

The Stakeholder Forum is an annual event organised by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) gathering the European Industry and Research communities and the decision-makers. The goal of this annual meeting is to discuss the role of fuel cells and hydrogen in the energy and transport sectors and beyond.

The Forum includes speeches and keynote presentations from:

  • Senior European policymakers who will explain how to identify and enable synergies between European funding programs to facilitate major new investments in FCH technology;
  • High level industry practitioners who will explain how they are tackling the challenges of making a commercial case for deployment of these technologies today
  • Early customers on their experience with the technology both positive and negative and their views on what will be required to achieve faster take-up

The two days preceding the Forum always accommodate the Programme Review Days which will be an opportunity to review progress on the FCH JU’s major projects.

The 2019 edition of the Stakeholder Forum "Racing towards a clean hydrogen economy" took place on 21 November 2019 in Brussels, Charlemagne Building.
The Stakeholder Forum brought together the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen community and facilitated an open discussion on the impact, achievements and strategic direction of the FCH JU programme, as well as on the latest developments in the sector. The Stakeholder Forum was preceded by the Programme Review Days (PRD) on 19- 20 November 2018, and the FCH JU Awards, in the evening of 20 November.
The 2019 edition -  "Racing towards a clean hydrogen economy" included panel discussions around the following themes:
•    FCH JU: making an impact by accelerating innovation and securing competitiveness
•    Market activation and synergies
•    Growth and Jobs: making the most out of hydrogen’s potential
•    Hydrogen at international scale

More information available on the Stakeholder Forum webpage