Reference Studies and Reports

We have collected several pivotal studies and reports that give you a broader perspective on market size and fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) technologies suitable for you.


Type Title Source Link Last update
Regions & Cities Study on Development of Business Cases for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Applications for European Regions and Cities FCH JU - FCH Regions Initiative (Roland Berger PDF file) 05/10/2018
Hydrogen Roadmap Hydrogen Roadmap Europe: a sustainable pathway for the European Energy Transition FCH JU (McKinsey; PDF file) 11/02/2019
Hydrogen in National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) Opportunities for Hydrogen energy technologies considering the National Energy & Climate Plans FCH JU (Trinomics and LBST; PDF files)


- Full report available at:

- Country Fiches available at:
Austria; Estonia; Italy; Portugal; Belgium; Finland; Latvia; Romania; Bulgaria; France; Lithuania; Slovakia; Croatia; Germany; Luxembourg; Slovenia; Cyprus; Greece; Malta; Spain; Czechia; Hungary; Netherlands; Sweden; Denmark; Ireland; Poland; United Kingdom



Value chain Value Added of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sector in Europe - Supporting European growth and competitiveness FCH JU initiative (E4Tech, Ecorys and Strategic Analysis; website and PDF files -

- Summary report

- Findings report

- Evidence report

Power to Hydrogen Study on early business cases for H2 in energy storage and more broadly Power to H2 Applications FCH JU (Hinicio et al. PDF file) 22/06/2017
Green Hydrogen Study on Hydrogen from Renewable Resources in the EU FCH JU (LBST and Hinicio; PDF file) 03/12/2015
Energy storage Commercialisation of energy storage in Europe – a fact-based analysis of the implications of projected development of the European electric power system towards 2030 and beyond for the role and commercial viability of energy storage FCH JU (McKinsey; PDF file) 19/03/2015
Trucks Fuel Cells Hydrogen Trucks – Heavy-Duty’s high performance green solution FCH JU (Roland Berger; several PDF and Excel files)


- Study report

- Study summary

- Coalition Statement on Deployment of FCH Trucks in Europe

- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model (Excel file)

Railway Study on the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in the railway environment Shift2Railway & FCH JU (Roland Berger; several reports in PDF files) 17/05/2019
Aviation Hydrogen-powered aviation – a fact-based study of hydrogen technology, economics, and climate impact by 2050.Fuel cells in aviation - business cases Clean Sky JU &FCH JU (McKinsey PDF file) 22/06/2020
Stationary Fuel Cells Advancing Europe's energy systems: stationary fuel cells in distributed generation FCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file) 27/03/2015
Bus Study on Strategies for joint procurement of fuel FCH JU (Element Energy et al; PDF file) 08/07/2016
Bus Strategies for joint procurement of fuel cell buses FCH JU (Element Energy et al; PDF file) 08/07/2016
Bus Fuel Cell Electric Buses – Potential for Sustainable Public Transport in Europe FCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file) 07/10/2015
HRS A roadmap for financing hydrogen refuelling networks – creating prerequisites for h2-based mobility FCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file)

- A roadmap for financing hydrogen refueling networks – Creating prerequisites for H2-based mobility

- Final Report