Programme & Impact

Programme and impact


The FCH JU programme is built around three main pillars:

1. Transport pillar

Activities under the transport pillar are designed to accelerate the commercialization of FCH technologies in transport applications through a programme that includes demonstration and research projects.

- Trials and Deployment of Fuel Cell Applications
- Next Generation of Products


2. Energy pillar

The goal of projects assessed under the Energy pillar is to accelerate the commercialisation of FCH technologies for stationary fuel cells and for the production of low-carbon hydrogen as an energy source, by increasing efficiency while cutting costs.


- Trials and deployment of Fuel Cell Applications
- Next Generation of Products
- Hydrogen for Sectorial Integration


3. Cross-cutting pillar

Within the Support for Market Uptake (cross-cutting) activities, the programme focuses upon reducing the costs, producing educational tools and developing analytical methods and test procedures, as well as on the overall impact and dissemination of results.

- Support for Market Uptake


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