The first phase of the study produced a wealth of relevant information for public authorities and other interested stakeholders. For 26 separate applications, the study created a set of Technology Introduction dossiers and preliminary Business Case Analysis. These have been compiled into a single set of information slides that provide the reader with an updated look at each application.

The technology introduction section contains the following:

  • Short description with technical specifications
  • An indication of the technology readiness
  • Representative projects involving the applications, as well as products where available
  • Benefits and challenges

This technology brief is followed by a preliminary business case analysis, comprising the following aspects:

  • Definition of a generic use case
  • Economic competitiveness, including some potential sensitivities
  • Environmental benefits
  • Operational aspects

Download the 26 presentations hereunder:

  1. Buses
  2. Heavy duty trucks
  3. Trains
  4. Bikes
  5. Cars
  6. Construction mobile equipment
  7. Delivery vans
  8. Garbage trucks
  9. Material handling equipment
  10. Scooters
  11. Sweepers
  12. Aircraft
  13. Aircraft ground support equipment
  14. Boats
  15. Ferries
  16. Port operations equipment
  17. Ships
  18. Back-up power
  19. Commercial buildings
  20. Gen-sets
  21. Industrial Use Cases
  22. Off-grid power
  23. Residential grid services
  24. Electricity grid services
  25. Green hydrogen
  26. Hydrogen into gas grid

In addition, download the 2 general presentations:

  1. Technology Introduction Dossiers
  2. Preliminary Business Cases
  3. Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for Green Energy in European Cities and Regions
  4. Les piles à combustible et l’hydrogène pour une énergie verte dans les régions et villes européennes