Our mission

At Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Undertaking (FCH JU), we are working to facilitate the market introduction of FCH technologies in Europe and realise their potential in a carbon-clean energy system. We do this by implementing an optimal research and innovation (R&I) programme in order to develop a portfolio of clean, efficient solutions that exploit the properties of hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel cells as energy converters, to the point of market readiness.

Our objectives



Our core values

Core values guide collective and individual interactions. They shape our behaviours, as well as the management’s leadership philosophy.

  • We are professional

We use our expertise and experience and uphold high quality standards when providing service to our clients.

  • We are committed

We take full responsibility and show dedication towards everything we enterprise and coordinate.

  • We are accountable

We are trustworthy in fulfilling our responsibilities in due time and with integrity.