H2 Islands

Building on the successful experience of Hydrogen Valleys in the FCH JU call 2019 as well as on the portfolio of FCH JU projects showcasing H2 solutions for islands (www.bighit.eu, https://www.cleargen.eu/, www.remote-euproject.eu), in 2020 the FCH JU intends to support a flagship project to showcase the role of hydrogen in decarbonising EU islands at an unprecedented scale.
The successful project should start early in 2021.

A first dedicated “H2 in Islands” event took place as part of the EUSEW 2020. The event showcased the ability of hydrogen & associated technologies to decarbonise islands, while generating jobs and growth needed for the economic recovery. Islands are confronted with a number of energy challenges due to their specific geographic constraints.

A recorded session and presentations are available here.