Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory

FCHO: the go-to source for up-to-date information about the hydrogen and fuel cells sector

The Fuel Cell Hydrogen Observatory (FCHO) provides data and up to date information about the entire hydrogen sector. It focuses on technology and market statistics, socio-economic indicators, policy and regulation, as well as financial support.

Fuel cells and hydrogen technologies are now seen as a firm part of public strategies to drive the climate-neutral revolution envisaged in the European Green Deal and to decarbonise the economy. The arising interest in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies requested filling knowledge gaps and providing analysis covering the entire value chain.

The aim is to make the FCHO a reference point for all parties interested in knowing more about FCH technologies. The portal has already become a precious tool for policymakers and stakeholders interested in the use of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies as a decarbonisation solution primarily in the energy and transport sectors.

The public launch of FCHO took place on September 2020.


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Whom is the Observatory designed for?

FCHO is created for the use of:

  • policy makers
  • industry stakeholders
  • general public