Financial Engineering News

October 2018

Portugal – Cohesion Fund calls for applications to deploy FCEB and FCmCHP (in public buildings) ending soon

Two interesting calls funded by the Cohesion Fund supported programme in Portugal (POSEUR) are now open but deadlines are approaching fast.

Major features of these calls are summarised below:

  • Call for clean buses and related infrastructure
    • Cohesion Fund budget: EUR 19 million (may be increased)
    • Deadline for applications: 26th October 2018
    • Type of grant: non-reimbursable grant; EUR 200,000 per Fuel Cell Electric Buses (FCEB); 85% of the Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS; capped at 30% of the eligible cost)
    • Maximum grant amount per project and beneficiary: EUR 4.75 million
    • Full details (in Portuguese only) available at
  • Call for energy efficiency in public buildings
    • Cohesion Fund budget: EUR 50 million (may be increased)
    • Deadline for applications: 7th December 2018
    • Typology of investments: installation of micro-generation of electricity and heat (FCmCHP-Fuel Cell micro Combined Heat and Power could fit here), renewable electricity generation for self-consumption (possibly suitable for green hydrogen production via electrolysis) and studies and audits
    • Type of grant: by choice of the beneficiary, the grants may be reimbursable or non-reimbursable
    • Maximum co-funding rate: if reimbursable grant the co-funding rate can reach up to 95%; if non-reimbursable grant, the co-funding rate drops to up to 50%
    • Maximum grant amount per project: EUR 5 million
    • Full details (in Portuguese only) available at

Feel free to come back to us should you need further information and support on this.