Programme Review Days 2016: programme, posters and presentations

Please find below the links related to the presentations and posters of the FCH JU 2016 Programme Review Days.
The agenda is attached here.

Monday, November 21, 2016

  • Opening and welcome - Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU Executive Director

  • Technology validation in stationary applications: CHP, back-up power (Panel 3), moderated by Mirela ATANASIU, FCH JU and Hans Aage HJULER, Danish Power Systems

  • Technology validation in transport applications: vehicles, infrastructures, APU, fuel cells (Panel 1) Moderated by Enrique GIRON, FCH JU and Deborah JONES, Uni. Montpellier

    • Portfolio presentation - Enrique GIRON, FCH  JU
    • Car projects: SWARM, HyFIVE and H2ME - Simona WEBB, Greater London Authority
    • HYCARUS - Christophe ELLEBOODE, Zodiac Aerospace
    • Bus projects: HIGH V.LO-CITY, HyTRANSIT, CHIC and 3EMOTION - Ben MADDEN, Element Energy
    • NEWBUSFUEL - Alastair HOPE-MORLEY, Element Energy
    • PURE - Dick LIEFTINK, HyGear​
  • Cross-cutting: Pre-normative research, safety issues, education & training, socio-economic & benchmarking (Panel 6) Moderated by Alberto GARCIA HOMBRADOS, FCH JU and Eden MAMUT, University Ovidius Costantia

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

  • Research activities in transport applications: MEAs, components, stacks and subsystems, hydrogen refuelling stations (Panel 2) Moderated by Lionel BOILLOT and Daria VLADIKOVA​

    • Portfolio presentation Lionel BOILLOT, FCH JU
    • VOLUMETRIQ - Deborah JONES, University of Montpellier
    • Harmonisation of fuel cell testing protocols for automotive applications - Georgios TSOTRIDRIS, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
    • COBRA - Fabrice MICOUD, CEA
    • AUTO-STACK CORE - Ludwig JÖRISSEN, Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung 
    • H2REF - Frederic BARTH, H2Nova 
  • Research activities in stationary applications: Materials, components, diagnosis, performance phenomena, subsystem design and production (Panel 4) Moderated by Dionisis TSIMIS, FCH JU and Bernard DAM, Tech. University Delft

  • Hydrogen production, distribution and storage: research and validation (Panel 5) Moderated by Nikos LYMPEROPOULOS and Robert STEINBERGER-WILCKENS, University of Birmingham

  • Concluding remarks - Eden MAMUT, Chair of the FCH JU Scientific Committee

  • Event key message and closure - Mirela ATANASIU, FCH JU