ZEFER project: zero emission fuel cell cars for large urban fleets

The FCH JU- funded project Zefer will deploy 180 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles as taxis, private-hire vehicles and police cars in Paris, Brussels and London. The project acronym stands for Zero Emission Fleet vehicles for European Roll-out. It will deploy large fleets of 60 hydrogen fuelled vehicles in each of three European capitals. These vehicles will be used in the applications where hydrogen fuelled vehicles are the most valuable – fleets which drive long distances every day, which need rapid refuelling, and which operate in polluted city centres where zero-emission hydrogen vehicles can have the greatest impact on avoiding pollution.

These vehicles will be in regular use every day, creating hydrogen demand from each vehicle roughly four times that from a normal privately-owned car. This will help to ensure high utilisation of the early networks of hydrogen fuelling stations which are already operating in each city. This improves the economics of operating the stations and hence helps accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel for Europe’s cities.

On the occasion of the launch of this project Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the FCH JU said; “Project ZEFER is an important step towards widespread commercialisation of hydrogen cars. The three taxi service companies and the police of London will use 180 hydrogen electric cars that are silent, vibration-free and emit no emissions. This brings a superior service for the comfort of taxi passengers, convenient driving range for the drivers, and a clear gain for improving air quality in Paris, Brussels and London. These hydrogen cars will be put under high utilisation, pushed to their limit to prove the case of the technology and hopefully we will soon see many more of them on European roads.”

Read the full press release here.