Safety First: FCH JU presents the lessons learnt from the Hydrogen Safety Reference Database and the EHSP Safety Planning Guidelines

The lessons learnt from the Hydrogen Safety Reference Database and the EHSP Safety Planning Guidelines were presented today at the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2019)

The European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP) undertook in 2018 an in-depth analysis of safety data and events contained in the updated European Hydrogen Safety Reference Database (HIAD 2.0). In close collaboration with JRC, the EHSP members have reviewed more than 250 events and released the lessons learned originating from this assessment in an in-depth report. The new version database focuses on facilitating the sharing of lessons learnt and other relevant information related to hydrogen technology; the database is publicly available, and the events are anonymized. It aims to contribute to improve the safety awareness, fostering the users to benefit from the experiences of others as well as to share information from their own experiences.

The EHSP also recently published a Safety Planning Guidance document targeted towards fuel cells and hydrogen projects and programmes in Europe. This first-of-its-kind guidance document aims to assist in identifying minimum safety requirements, hazards and associated risks when generating a quality safety plan. The document serves as an assisting guide for the inherently safer conduct of all work related to the development and operation of hydrogen and fuel cell systems and infrastructure in Europe. The document is available on the EHSP webpage.

The EHSP activities offer support at project level to ensure that all projects address and incorporate the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety appropriately. A package of work is coordinated to avoid any accident by integrating safety learnings, expertise and planning into FCH 2 JU funded projects.

The FCH 2 JU launched the European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP) initiative in 2017. The mission of the EHSP is to assist the FCH 2 JU both at programme and at project level in assuring that hydrogen safety is adequately managed, and to promote and disseminate H2 safety culture within and outside of the FCH 2 JU programme.

The 8th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2019) is held in Adelaide, Australia on 24-26 September 2019 under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe).