Regions and cities initiative organising workshops throughout Europe

In 2016 the FCH JU launched its initiative with regions and cities. Its goal is to establish a collaboration platform to facilitate market introduction of fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) based products in regions and cities pursuing a decarbonisation agenda. To date, the initiative counts 86 signing parties, who adhered in the form of signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

The initiative, conducted in a form of a study, has compiled relevant information for public authorities and other interested stakeholders under several technology dossiers. These are divided by applications from cars through buses, delivery vans, ships, gen- sets to hydrogen into gas grid. The technology dossiers are available here.

Through February and March 2018, a series of local workshops is organised in several European cities. The workshops aim to promote knowledge exchange on best practices in FCH project development and to discuss the way forward for European cities and regions to implement FCH projects. The regional workshops address members of the Regions and Cities Initiative; however, any additional interested stakeholders are also welcome to attend. For more information about the workshops, agendas and registration, visit the event page.

The dates and locations of the workshops are:

Iberia & Italy (Puertollano): 14.02.2018

Central Europe (Leipzig): 20.02.2018

Nordics & Baltics (Oslo): 22.02.2018

SEE (Athens): 01.03.2018

UK (London): 09.03.2018

France (Paris): 13.03.2018

H2 Valley workshop (Frankfurt): 27.02.2018

In addition, the next General Assembly meeting of the signing parties of the FCH JU initiative will take place on 23 March 2018 in Brussels. More information here.