Opening of the 50th Hydrogen Refueling Station in Germany

The 50th hydrogen refueling station was inaugurated on Friday, 7 September, in Postdam, by the partners H2 MOBILITY, Linde and TOTAL and represents an important milestone in the expansion of the infrastructure enabling hydrogen-based mobility in Germany.

EU funding within the scope of the Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) project

„The opening of the 50th hydrogen refueling station demonstrates Germany’s leading role in the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure in Europe. Thanks to the successful cooperation between H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME), the FCH JU, the EU, is contributing to the rapid expansion of hydrogen stations in Germany“ said Bart Biebuyck, Director of the FCH JU, who was present at the event.

H2 MOBILITY is part of the FCH JU-funded Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME), a flagship project bringing together Europe’s leading initiatives in hydrogen mobility — in Germany, France, the UK and Scandinavia. Through H2ME, FCH JU is supporting  the roll-out of a large scale hydrogen refueling infrastructure, aimed at enabling Europe wide emission-free driving. Learnings from H2ME will be used to accelerate the HRS infrastructure deployment in other parts of Europe as well”.

“We are pleased to welcome more and more hydrogen customers who desire electromobility without restrictions. (..)Every two weeks we are opening a new station; the number of green dots on our map at will be growing fast over the next few months. This is also possible thanks to the EU funding us, as it does here in Potsdam. Anyone who wishes, can follow our progress via our app H2.LIVE.” said Nikolas Iwan, the director of H2 MOBILITY.

In the past years, the development of the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany has advanced significantly. More hydrogen stations will be inaugurated in the next months, while others are currently under construction or at the planning stage.

Representatives of the German federal government, the Brandenburg state government, the European Parliament, and the city of Potsdam attended the event.

Facility for filling up hydrogen buses pre-installed

The station has the capacity to refuel up to 40 vehicles per day. Alongside a 700-bar pump for cars, a facility for an optional 350-bar pump for filling up buses has been preliminarily installed.