New FCH JU Project "INSPIRE" to develop advanced technology for Fuel cell electric vehicles

The FCH JU recently signed a Grant Agreement to fund project INSPIRE, which will validate the next generation of automotive fuel cell stack technology and accelerate the commercialisation of high performance zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles.

Leading industrial and academic partners with expertise in the design and manufacture of PEMFC stacks will collaborate to advance materials and components having already shown promising results in other FCH JU projects, integrate them for enhanced performance and demonstrate their capability to be manufactured in volume..

Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU Executive Director stated: “INSPIRE demonstrates that European labs have delivered mature and high quality research solutions on hydrogen technologies, and these are now being transferred to the manufacturing lines in the car industry. This is a good signal for the decarbonisation of transport, for the economy in Europe and for the creation of jobs in our industries.”

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