Meet TIM: Tools for Innovation Monitoring

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has developed, with the support of the FCH JU, a tailored-made version of TIM (Tools for Innovation Monitoring) to monitor, gather and analyse different aspects of fuel cells and hydrogen innovation and technological development.

Tools for Innovation Monitoring (TIM) gathers scientific literature, patent data, news articles and data from R&D projects funded by the EU, to monitor and analyse different thematic or technological areas. The tool integrates various datasets to track current or emerging technologies as they progress towards concrete market applications. With TIM it is also possible to monitor how research networks evolve with time or to detect gaps in scientific knowledge.

This customised version of TIM provides the FCH JU with data and functions relevant to its programme. Three technology areas have been mapped so far: solid oxide fuel cell, alkaline fuel cell and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells.  The development work will continue in 2019 to cover the remaining technologies. A separate data set includes information exclusively on the FCH JU activities. The users can also tag and filter FCH JU beneficiaries and isolate information related to FCH JU projects. Data deriving from the FCH JU projects cover the calls 2008-2017.

For instructions on how to use TIM please see here 

For questions or further suggestions to update the tool please contact: