Launch of the Hydrogen Council

Excellent news for the hydrogen and fuel cell community at the beginning of 2017: Thirteen leading energy, transport and industry companies have today launched a global initiative to voice a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition. The CEOs of the participating companies used the occasion of the World Economic Forum in Davos to kick off this important activity.

In the first global initiative of its kind, the ‘Hydrogen Council’ is determined to position hydrogen among the key solutions of the energy transition.

The move to create the ‘Hydrogen Council’ was initiated by the industry grouping of FCH JU, Hydrogen Europe.The Council will work with, and provide recommendations to, a number of key stakeholders such as policy makers, business and hydrogen players, international agencies and civil society to achieve these goals.

During the launch, members of the ‘Hydrogen Council’ confirmed their ambition to accelerate their significant investment in the development and commercialization of the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors. These investments currently amount to an estimated total value of €1.4 Bn/year. This acceleration will be possible if the key stakeholders increase their backing of hydrogen as part of the future energy mix with appropriate policies and supporting schemes.

Welcoming this development, FCH JU Executive Director Bart Biebuyck says: "The FCH JU is pleased to see that this major initiative launched by our industrial partners is seeing the daylight. We are convinced the Hydrogen Council will play a determining role in positioning hydrogen as key solution within the changing energy landscape ”.


A report entitled "How Hydrogen empowers the energy transition"  – commissioned by the Hydrogen Council –  sets out the vision of the Council and the key actions it considers fundamental for policy makers to implement, to fully unlock and empower the contribution of hydrogen to the energy transition. You will find the full report by clicking here.

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