Hydrogen on the agenda at EUSEW 2018

Hydrogen and fuel cells are moving up on the sustainable energy agenda: the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) are hosting a high-level EUSEW session on greening European industry, with groundbreaking FCH JU-funded projects featuring in this and other sessions.

At 11:00 on 7 June, at the Charlemagne building, the FCH JU will host the session Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – greening European industry. The focus here is on the huge potential to decarbonize European industry with ‘green’ hydrogen, meaning hydrogen produced using electricity generated by renewables.

Large industry - such as steel making, refineries, ammonia/ fertilizer plants and food production – remains highly dependent on imported energy and raw materials, and accounts for up to 40% of global CO2 emissions. Using green hydrogen to displace the ‘grey’ hydrogen currently used in industry can reduce emissions, for example in ammonia/ fertilizer plants that rely heavily on hydrogen inputs.

In the longer term, green hydrogen can even replace coal in steel manufacturing through direct iron ore reduction. The EUSEW session will highlight groundbreaking FCH JU projects REFHYNE, Demo4Grid and H2FUTURE that are already proving that this technology works. Don’t miss it! If you cannot attend in person, check out the webstream at https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/european-sustainable-energy-week-2018-eusew-07-06-mans. High level speakers include Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the FCH JU, and Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Adviser to the Director General for Energy in the European Commission.

Mr. Constantinescu will also be speaking at the previous day’s DG Energy-hosted session Energy Storage and Sectoral Integration, highlighting the role of hydrogen as a potential energy carrier in the low carbon transition. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General of industry grouping Hydrogen Europe will also speak on hydrogen in the context of energy storage and sectoral integration – a hot topic in EUSEW 2018.   

You can learn more about hydrogen and sectoral integration at the FCH JU-funded project HyER’s lunchtime workshop Renewable energy and sector coupling from 10:30 on 5 June. This event will showcase public sector leadership in policies and projects in European cities and regions aimed at a rapid transition to zero emission transport and energy systems.

On 6 June at 14.30, another exciting FCH JU project PACE is hosting a EUSEW 2018 side event Powered by people, showing how fuel cell micro-cogeneration has the power to put citizens at the centre of the energy transition. Click here to register.

Also on 6 June, 9.30 at the Charlemagne, FCH JU project CertifHy will co-host a EUSEW session on Europe's vision for the energy system of the future. CertifHy project coordinator Wouter Vanhoudt will be presenting 'CertifHy - Creating and implementing the first EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Green Hydrogen' and its role in the future energy system. This session also features the FCH JU project BIG HIT, a truly inspirational project developing a hydrogen territory on Scotland’s Orkney islands.

BIG HIT will be presented at Scotland and Europe working together for a sustainable energy transition on 4 June at 9:30, Scotland House,  and again on 5 June at the session The Future of Renewable Energy in the EU: Updating Policy and Fostering Innovation. It’s going to be a busy week!