FCH JU at TU Delft

Universities and research centers represent an important segment of the FCH JU programme. To accelerate commercialisation of innovative products, the FCH JU brings together research, industry partners and public actors  in order to align the European R&D community.

Fostering exchanges amongst the different partners is essential to bring products from laboratories to everyday life and enable the sustainable shift towards clean technologies.

In this context, the FCH JU went visiting  the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. This university is active in developing research in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen as part of its “Green Village” initiative, which  aims at developing a vibrant living lab for sustainable system innovations on the university campus. It provides a platform for a wide variety of partners from the public and private sectors to work together on the development and integration of sustainable technologies.Harnessing the power of a fuel cell is one of the “Green Village” projects and the TU Delft is currently  assessing the potential of a fuel cell car to serve also as a Power Plant.

This visit was also the occasion to explore the university "SOFC" laboratory and to discover the developments made in this field, demonstrating how SOFC are also fuel flexible as they can operate on a  wide range of fuels.

TU Delft is part of the FCH JU project, KnowHY, aiming at providing the FC&H2 sector with a training offer for technicians and workers covering the understanding of the technology, safety and regulatory aspects and the practical theoretical as well as hands on contents.

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