FCH JU new project Pace will deploy over 2500 Micro CHP units

The FCH JU just signed a new Grant Agreement for the amount of almost 34 million € to fund project PACE.

PACE is a major initiative aimed at ensuring the European residential (µ-CHP) sector makes the next move to mass market commercialisation. The project will deploy a total of 2,650 new fuel cell µ-CHP units with real customers and monitor them for an extended period. This will enable fuel cell µ-CHP manufacturers to scale up production using new series techniques, and increased automation. By 2018, four leading European manufacturers (Bosch, SOLIDpower, Vaillant and Viessmann) will have installed capacity for production of over 1,000 units/year (each will install over 500 units in PACE). These production lines will test the manufacturing techniques which will allow for mass market scale-up and the reductions in unit cost which will come from associated economies of scale.

The project will provide an evidence base which will be used in a dissemination campaign targeting policy makers (who can provide supportive policies for the next wave of µ-CHP roll-out) and increasing awareness of the technology within the domestic heating sector (main route to market).

Read more about the project's specifications here