FCH JU 10th Stakeholder Forum & Programme Review Days 2017

The FCH JU Stakeholder Forum (SF) on November 22, 2017 in Brussels marked a milestone for the fuel cells and hydrogen sector: it celebrated the 10th edition of this key conference, giving the opportunity to stakeholders to look back and take stock of one of the greatest technological leaps in European Research and Innovation.

For this special event, the FCH JU offered a unique programme that highlighted both the story behind the FCH JU and the main developments in the fuel cells and hydrogen sector.  With special guests attending the event, such as former Commissioner for Research Philippe Busquin, the programme of the 10th Stakeholder Forum has put the spotlight on key actors such as previous FCH JU chairs, industry leaders and  researchers. 


While reminding how Europe believed and invested in this innovative technology around 20 years ago, from the creation of the High Level Group to the FCH JU unique public-private partnership model, the start of the 10th SF programme paid tribute to those who contributed to the design of a unique process getting us to where we are today: making fuel cells and hydrogen an everyday reality in Europe.

From left to right: B. De Colvenaer; G. Van Breda Vriesman; F. Darchis; P.E. Franc; A. Schnettler; R. Schoentgen; P. Vannson; R. Strohmeier; B. Biebuyck

For this occasion, the FCH JU produced an exclusive book setting out the special story behind the FCH JU and the FCH technologies in Europe, reviewing the main achievements that have allowed Europe to take a leading role in fuel cells and hydrogen excellence.

The special edition of the Stakeholder Forum was followed by 2 days of the FCH JU Programme Review Days, assessing the programme's progress and highlighting main projects' accomplishments. This year, 87 projects were highlighted through a poster presentation and participants could discover more in 29 presentations outlining projects' development as well as the outcome of 5 studies procured by the FCH JU.

 SF and PRD presentations and conferences footages

All presentations from the Stakeholder Forum and the Programme Review Days as well as the 3 days conference broadcast can be found online here:

  • For the Stakeholder Forum held on the 22/11/17, click here
  • For the Programme Review Days held on the 23 and 24/11/17, click here

Discover the brand new FCH JU book here