Ene.field and PACE lead to fuel cells market take-up in Belgium and Italy

Fuel cell micro CHP (µCHP)  is an already available highly efficient distributed energy solution for heat and power generation near the point of consumption. Small units are typically used for residential or small commercial buildings and are able to provide demand for heating, hot water and/or cooling in buildings while generating electricity to replace or complement electricity supplied by the grid. Compared to a state-of the art condensing boiler and grid power supply, fuel cell mCHP units can reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30 % and in some cases up to 80 %. Being a clean and a high efficient technology, commercialisation of micro CHP would help reducing both environmental footprint and resident's living costs. The FCH JU projects such as ene.field and Pace contribute to significant costs reduction and first deployments throughout EU.

µCHP concept in a house

Ene.field and PACE are boosting market take-off

Series of good news occurred recently for the innovative market and the FCH JU support in the micro CHP field is proving its worth, unlocking new installations in Belgium and Italy.

The fuel cell micro CHP (FC- µCHP) developer and manufacturer SOLIDpower is receiving new requests for deployment of units, leading to new business opportunities and agreements.

In Belgium, SOLID power just signed a multi-million contract with Belgian Distributor Elugie bvba. The collaboration between these two companies started in 2012 with 8 installations of the SOLIDpower BlueGEN  FC- µCHP unit. Despite the positive results obtained  the sector struggled to grow in Belgium due to the lack of substantial local support and modest electricity pricing. Thanks to the FCH JU support under the ene.field project, Elugie installed a total of 40 SOLIDpower BlueGEN units in Belgium during 2016. Building on the success of these installations, a contract has been signed for the installation of additional 150 units in 2017 and a further 400 units in 2018, with the option to increase to 300 and 900 units respectively.

Jan-Willem Tolkamp, Sales and Business Development Manager Benelux/UK at SOLIDpower said:  "So far the support provided by the EU via the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking programme has allowed us to show the reliability and performance of FC- µCHP technology and to demonstrate that the technology is ready for the mass market." Read the full press release  here.

In Italy, it is with Egg Technology s.r.l., a spin-off of the University of Camerino, that SOLIDpower signed an agreement for the deployment of 300 kW (200 BlueGEN units) of highly efficient and clean energy in 2017-2018. Last summer, the city of Camerino and the surrounding areas were strongly damaged by multiple earthquakes. Egg Technology and SOLIDpower, with this agreement, are committed to attracting international investments in this area to foster the recovery. Read more about this new agreement here.


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