EHSP launches Safety Planning Guidance Document

The European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP) has published a Safety Planning Guidance document targeted towards fuel cells and hydrogen projects and programmes in Europe. This first-of-its-kind guidance document aims to assist in identifying minimum safety requirements, hazards and associated risks when generating a quality safety plan. The document serves as an assisting guide for the inherently safer conduct of all work related to the development and operation of hydrogen and fuel cell systems and infrastructure in Europe.

The document is publicly available on the EHSP webpage. The EHSP activities offer support at project level to ensure that all projects address and incorporate the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety appropriately. A package of work is coordinated to avoid any accident by integrating safety learnings, expertise and planning into FCH 2 JU funded projects.

For further details about the EHSP, please refer to the EHSP webpage.