Discover new FCH JU Project BIG HIT: Orkney Islands- a model hydrogen territory

The hydrogen economy is ready. FCH JU project BIG HIT will prove it.

Set on the small Scottish archipelago of the Orkney islands, the project is going to demonstrate the possibility of comprehensively relying on hydrogen as a way to maximize the use of their renewable energy resources.

Electricity produced from wind and tidal installations is to be converted into hydrogen through two water electrolysers. The hydrogen will act as an energy-storage medium and will be converted back, through fuel cells, into heat and power for buildings as well as into electricity for the operation of vehicles. Various catalytic hydrogen boilers will provide the heating needs for two schools at Shapinsay. A 75 kW fuel cell will supply heat and power for several harbour buildings, a marina and 3 ferries (when docked) in Kirkwall. And finally, a hydrogen refuelling station also by the Kirkwall harbour will feed 10 hydrogen fuel cell road vehicles.

The project is due to disseminate widely through a dedicated website labelled Hydrogen Territory Platform due to come online early in 2017, so as to effectively act as example for other territories that would wish to replicate the model.


For more information about the BIG HIT project, click here.