CertifHy launches Certifhy Webinars

The innovation project CertifHy 'Designing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme for Green Hydrogen'  is now launching the CertifHy Webinars. The first one will be an opportunity for new and existing members of the CertifHy stakeholder platform as well as for everyone that is interested in Green Hydrogen Guarantee of origins to get up-to speed with the CertifHy project. Wouter Vanhoudt, CertifHy Project Coordinator HINICIO will introduce you to phase I and the current state of phase II of the implementation of the Green Hydrogen GO scheme. 

When: 12 June 2018, 9:30am - 11am
Where: Online Webinar (We will share the details with registered participants)

If you wish to participate, please register here by 7th June.

CERTIFHY Webinar Preliminary Agenda

09.30 - 09.40

Opening & Welcome

09.40 - 10.30

CertifHy I: The Definition of Green Hydrogen and the Implementation Roadmap

10.30 - 10.45

CertifHy II: The current state of the project

10.45 - 10.55


10.55 - 11.00

CertifHy Outlook & Closing


About CertifHy:  

The CertifHy project 'Designing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Green Hydrogen' is undertaken by a consortium led by HINICIO, composed of ECN, GREXEL, Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik (LBST), and TÜV SÜD and financed by the FCH 2 JU. The project’s aim is to create the path forward for a concrete and actionable Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme with a pilot demonstration of the hydrogen GO scheme and the creation of a Stakeholder Platform to give the scheme its legitimacy. CertifHy will define the scheme’s governance, as well as its processes and procedures over the entire GO life cycle.