CELL3DITOR project: Towards industrial production of 3D printed Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) stacks

The FCH JU- funded project Cell3Ditor aims at developing an innovative 3D printing technology for the industrial production of SOFC stacks. This technology allows the fabrication of SOFC stacks with unique features such as monolithic architecture, thinner elements and embedded fluidics, and current collection in only two production steps (printing and sintering). This simplification of the fabrication process reduces the operational cost and the initial investment required, increasing the SOFC design flexibility and the manufacturing reliability.

The achievements attained so far in this project, which include multi-material 3D printing of ceramics and the fabrication of hollow pieces, bring closer the highly desirable fabrication of joint-free and all-ceramic SOFCs stacks. The outcomes of Cell3Ditor project promise to revolutionize the SOFC industry by bringing down the high manufacturing cost, increasing the durability, reducing the time-to-market and allowing easy customization. Moreover, the advances accomplished in the hybridization of 3D printing technologies expand the scope of the project to other fields, opening the door to future breakthroughs.

See the 3D printer in action by clicking here.

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