Call 2019: wrapping up

The final results of the 2019 call are now available.

17 projects selected in the last year’s call will receive a contribution close to €70m from the FCH  JU. 9 projects in the energy field will receive almost €30m, while  €20m have been allocated to the development of a hydrogen valley in the Northern Netherlands region.

The Hydrogen Valley grant is one of the largest grants that the FCH JU has made available for one project. It will enable the winning region to develop a truly integrated and connected value chain of green hydrogen and be a source of inspiration for the development of other hydrogen regions in Europe and beyond.

Other projects cover a wide range of areas, including the development of the new generation fuel cells and electrolysers needed to scale-up the hydrogen production. A maritime innovation project looking to install the world’s first ammonia-powered fuel cell on a vessel has been awarded over €10m.

For more detailed information about the funded projects please check: