17 May 2016 - Bart Biebuyck takes up his duties as new executive director of the FCH2 JU.


The FCH2 JU welcomes its new director who brings on board a wide managerial and strategic experience, strengthened by a global perspective. Bart Biebuyck comes to the FCH2 JU from the Fuel Cell department of Toyota Motor Europe where he held the position of Technical Senior Manager. His expertise in the automotive industry includes extensive knowledge related to the deployment of new technologies in the European market. It is as part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) programme in Berlin that Bart worked at reinforcing European trials for the Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle. He also had the opportunity to develop and expand his know-how in Japan, where for two years he worked on the PSA-Toyota Small Vehicle Development Project which resulted in the launch of the Toyota AYGO in 2006.

On behalf of the FCH JU Governing Board and the industry partner, Hydrogen Europe, I want to congratulate Bart on his appointment. The hydrogen and fuel cells sector has reached a decisive point and we need strong leadership for the opportunities and challenges ahead. Bart Biebuyck brings the extensive experience with a world leader in fuel cell technology, Toyota, as well as a strong understanding of the technology. We are looking forward to cooperating with him and we believe he can help deliver on the objectives of the FCH2 JU and take the sector to the next level”, said Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chair of the FCH JU Governing Board and Hydrogen Europe.

In addition to his industrial experience, Bart has been politically active in his local town since 2006. In 2013 he became the vice president of the City Council, responsible, among others, for the local economy and education.

Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: "The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen partnership is making a significant contribution to Europe's quest for clean and sustainable sources of energy. Bart Biebuyck's experience will help the programme to continue delivering on its ambitious objectives."

The mandate of Mr Bert De Colvenaer, the former FCH2 JU Executive Director, ended in December 2015. Since then Philippe Vannson has been seconded to the FCH2 JU from the European Commission to head the organisation as Acting Executive Director. Philippe Vannson will return to his post in the Commission as Head of Unit for Advanced Energy Systems.

Philippe Vannson stated: I am very pleased to be entrusting this role to Bart. I am convinced that he will build on the experience of the FCH2 JU team to address the exciting challenge of advancing the deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies “


EC Head of Unit -  Philippe Vannson          -    FCH2 JU Executive Director Bart Biebuyck

Commenting on his new responsibilities, Bart Biebuyck said: “I am very honoured to have been chosen to lead the FCH2 JU.  I am looking forward to working with all members to popularise this clean technology in the European society and to contribute to a climate friendly economy”.


About Bart Biebuyck

Bart Biebuyck graduated in 1998 from the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) in the Netherlands with a bachelor’s degree in “Automotive Engineering”.  He joined Toyota Motor Europe in January 1999, starting in the Powertrain Group where he worked on improving the Easydrive Transmissions for Europe.

In 2003 he went on assignment to Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan where he joined the PSA-Toyota Small Vehicle Development Project which resulted in the launch of the Toyota AYGO in 2006. After a two year spell in Japan, he returned to Toyota’s European headquarters in Brussels and was appointed Project Leader for the first automatic transmission in a diesel passenger car designed for the European market. The first car to feature this transmission was the 2008 Avensis, followed by the RAV4 and Verso.

In 2007 he became Manager of the Easydrive Transmissions applications team for the European market where he was responsible for the Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) trials in Europe. Further building on his expertise in this field, he started supporting the European trials for the Toyota FCHV-adv (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle) in 2010 as part of the CEP (Clean Energy Partnership) programme in Berlin.

In 2011 he was promoted to the role of Senior Manager for the department responsible for various transmission applications for conventional and hybrid vehicles for the European market. In this function he supervised the technical aspects of introducing new technologies such as PHV, FCHV and EV (electric vehicles) in the European market.

In 2012 the drivetrain design department was added to his responsibilities.
In 2013 he became Technical Senior Manager, focussing on the Fuel Cell Vehicle development and market introduction.