2020 call for proposals launched: €93 million available for 24 topics

The FCH JU has launched today, 14 January 2020, its 2020 Call for Proposals. 

The call includes 24 topics aimed at addressing the current objectives for the Transport and Energy pillars, as well as Overarching and Crosscutting activities:

  • reduce the production cost of fuel cell systems to be used in transport applications, while increasing their lifetime to levels competitive with conventional technologies
  • increase the electrical efficiency and the durability of the different fuel cells used for CHP and power only production, while reducing costs, to levels competitive with conventional technologies
  • increase the energy efficiency of production of hydrogen mainly from water electrolysis and renewable sources while reducing operating and capital costs
  • demonstrate on a large scale the feasibility of using hydrogen to support integration of renewable energy sources into the energy systems
  • reduce the use of the EU defined "Critical raw materials", for example via low platinum resources, and through recycling or reducing or avoiding the use of rare earth elements

Two topics are addressing objectives related to both transport and energy pillars (so called ‘overarching activities’): HT proton conducting ceramic materials for highly efficient and flexible operation and Decarbonising islands using renewable energies and hydrogen - H2 Islands.

Other topics are addressing crosscutting issues: Overcoming technical and administrative barriers to deployment of multi-fuel hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS); and PNR on hydrogen-based fuels solutions for passenger ships.

The call is open from 14 January 2020 until 21 April 2020 17:00:00 CET. 

More information is available on the FCH JU website.

The full notice of publication of the call for proposals 2020 and the relevant documents can be found on the EU Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal