Surrounding Events


The Stakeholders General Assembly 2012, organised for the first time outside Brussels, features exhibits from companies and researchers to demonstrate the latest developments in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

The Exhibition is especially interesting for exhibitors who wish to reach out to French institutional players in the environment, energy, transport and industry sectors, as well as media. We would like to encourage exhibitors to, as much as possible, showcase practical fuel cell and hydrogen applications so as to visually demonstrate the potential of the technology.


Exhibits on display

  • Air Liquide

Air Liquide showcases its real size dispenser model including a small video on hydrogen mobility as well as a complete bus/car station’s model featuring the entire H2 process from hydrogen production to car/bus filling. Also provided, detailed information regarding our fuel cells systems (stationary and mobile) and H2 refueling stations and fuel cell power dedicated to forklift market.

  • CETH2