All H2020 projects

Acronym Grant number Title Call for proposals Project Pillar
AutoRE 671396 Automotive derivative energy system 2014 Energy
BIG HIT 700092 Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe 2015 Overarching
BIONICO 671459 Biogas membrane reformer for decentralized hydrogen production 2014 Energy
BIOROBURplus 736272 Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost-effective decentralised hydrogen production 2016 Energy
Cell3Ditor 700266 Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications 2015 Energy
CH2P 735692 Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Power using solid oxide based system fed by methane rich gas 2016 Energy
COMPASS 700200 Competitive Auxiliary Power Units for vehicles based on metal supported stack technology 2015 Transport
ComSos 779481 Commercial-scale SOFC systems 2017 Energy
COSMHYC 736122 COmbined hybrid Solution of Multiple HYdrogen Compressors for decentralised energy storage and refuelling stations 2016 Transport
CRESCENDO 779366 Critical raw material electrocatalysts replacement enabling designed post-2020 PEMFC 2017 Transport
D2Service 671473 Design of 2 Technologies and Applications to Service 2014 Energy
Demo4Grid 736351 Demonstration of 4MW Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser for Grid Balancing Services 2016 Energy
DEMOSOFC 671470 Demonstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP 2014 Energy
DIGIMAN 736290 DIGItal MAterials CharacterisatioN proof-of-process auto assembly 2016 Transport
ECo 699892 Efficient Co-Electrolyser for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage - ECo 2015 Energy
ELECTROU 731449 MW Fuel Cell micro grid and district heating at King’s Cross 2016 Energy
ELY4OFF 700359 PEM ElectroLYsers FOR operation with OFFgrid renewable installations 2015 Energy
ELYntegration 671458 Grid Integrated Multi Megawatt High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers for Energy Applications 2014 Energy
EVERYWH2ERE 779606 Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities 2017 Energy
Fit-4-AMandA 735606 Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly 2016 Transport
FLHYSAFE 779576 Fuel cell hydrogen system for aircraft emergency operation 2017 Transport
GAMER 779486 Game changer in high temperature steam electrolysers with novel tubular cells and stacks geometry for pressurized hydrogen production 2017 Energy
Giantleap 700101 Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2015 Transport
GRASSHOPPER 779430 Grid assisting modular hydrogen PEM power plant 2017 Energy
GrInHy 700300 Green Industrial Hydrogen via Reversible High-Temperature Electrolysis 2015 Energy
H2ME 671438 Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2014 Transport
H2ME 2 700350 Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 2015 Overarching
Haeolus 779469 Hydrogen-aeolic energy with optimised electrolysers upstream of substation 2017 Energy
HEALTH-CODE 671486 Real operation pem fuel cells HEALTH-state monitoring and diagnosis based on dc-dc COnverter embeddeD Eis 2014 Energy
HEATSTACK 700564 Production Ready Heat Exchangers and Fuel Cell Stacks for Fuel Cell mCHP 2015 Energy
HPEM2GAS 700008 High Performance PEM Electrolyzer for Cost-effective Grid Balancing Applications 2015 Energy
HY4ALL 671457 Hydrogen For All of Europe 2014 Cross-Cutting
HyBalance 671384 HyBalance 2014 Energy
HYDRAITE 779475 Hydrogen delivery risk assessment and impurity tolerance evaluation 2017 Cross-Cutting
HyGrid 700355 Flexible Hybrid separation system for H2 recovery from NG Grids 2015 Energy
HyLAW 735977 Identification of legal rules and administrative processes applicable to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies’ deployment, identification of legal barriers and advocacy towards their removal. 2016 Cross-Cutting
HySEA 671461 Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2014 Cross-Cutting
HySTOC 779694 Hydrogen supply and transportation using liquid organic hydrogen carriers 2017 Energy
HYTECHCYCLING 700190 New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase of recycling and dismantling 2015 Cross-Cutting
ID-FAST 779565 Investigations on degradation mechanisms and definition of protocols for PEM fuel cells accelerated stress testing 2017 Cross-Cutting
INLINE 735367 Design of a flexible, scalable, high quality production line for PEMFC manufacturing 2016 Transport
INN-BALANCE 735969 INNovative Cost Improvements for BALANCE of Plant Components of Automotive PEMFC Systems 2016 Transport
INNO-SOFC 671403 Development of innovative 50 kW SOFC system and related value chain 2014 Energy
INSIGHT 735918 ImplementatioN in real SOFC Systems of monItoring and diaGnostic tools using signal analysis to increase tHeir lifeTime 2016 Energy
INSPIRE 700127 Integration of Novel Stack Components for Performance, Improved Durability and Lower Cost 2015 Transport
JIVE 735582 Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2016 Transport
JIVE 2 779563 Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2 2017 Transport
MAMA-MEA 779591 Mass manufacture of MEAs using high speed deposition processes 2017
MARANDA 735717 Marine application of a new fuel cell powertrain validated in demanding arctic conditions 2016 Transport
MEMPHYS 735533 MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2016 Overarching
NEPTUNE 779540 Next Generation PEM Electrolyser under New Extremes 2017 Energy
NET-Tools 736648 Novel Education and Training Tools based on digital applications related to Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology 2016 Cross-Cutting
NewBusFuel 671426 New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots 2014 Transport
OxiGEN 779537 Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications 2017 Energy
PACE 700339 Pathway to a Competitive European FC mCHP market 2015 Energy
PECSYS 735218 Technology demonstration of large-scale photo-electrochemical system for solar hydrogen production 2016 Energy
PEGASUS 779550 PEMFC based on platinum Group metAl free StrUctured cathodeS 2017 Transport
PRESLHY 779613 Pre-normative research for safe use of liquid hydrogen 2017 Cross-Cutting
PRETZEL 779478 Novel modular stack design for high pressure PEM water electrolyzer technology with wide operation range and reduced cost 2017 Energy
qSOFC 735160 Automated mass-manufacturing and quality assurance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stacks 2016 Energy
QualyGridS 735485 Standardized Qualifying tests of electrolysers for grid services 2016 Energy
REFHYNE 779579 Clean Refinery Hydrogen for Europe 2017 Energy
REFLEX 779577 Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2017 Energy
REMOTE 779541 Remote area Energy supply with Multiple Options for integrated hydrogen-based TEchnologies 2017 Energy
REVIVE 779589 Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe 2017 Transport
SElySOs 671481 Development of new electrode materials and understanding of degradation mechanisms on Solid Oxide High Temperature Electrolysis Cells. 2014 Energy
SOSLeM 700667 Solid Oxide Stack Lean Manufacturing 2015 Energy
TAHYA 779644 Tank Hydrogen Automotive 2017 Transport
TeacHy Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within Horizon 2020 2017 Cross-Cutting
VOLUMETRIQ 671465 Volume Manufacturing of PEM FC Stacks for Transportation and In-line Quality Assurance 2014 Energy
ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017 Transport