The FCH JU project "Testing Hydrogen admixture for Gas Appliances", or THyGA, is organising its first online workshop on May 6th (10.00/12.00 AM and 1.00/3.00 PM CET, incl. virtual lunch break). The workshop will present first research results, and discuss the specific consequences of hydrogen blending for the gas appliances sector, with the participation of researchers, manufacturers and associations. Agenda Insight on THyGA’s first research contents EU market segmentation of gas... Read more
The consortium of HyTunnel-CS is organising an online Stakeholders' Workshop. The University Roma la Sapienza will host the event presenting the project's results and development. Tunnel authorities, managers and designers, as well as tunnel operations and safety officers will participate along with developers of hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen delivery transport developers and manufacturers. More information available here.
Register by 1st May to the virtual workshop on Interregional Cooperation in times of social distancing - TAF eligibility checks & expert assessment of your project pitches. The workshop will take place in the second half of May.  Exact dates will be communicated shortly after the closing of the registration period based on the number of interested parties and their specific needs. The online event will provide free business and legal expertise to support project promoters in the... Read more
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has required governments to focus virtually all their efforts and resources on protecting the health and well-being of their citizens. Rightly so: health is the first and most immediate priority. At the same time, leaders are also facing the economic impact of the crisis and thinking ahead to strategies for stimulating their economies once the pandemic is brought under control and activity can ramp back up. For these strategies, governments will be looking... Read more
The aims of the UKRI Webinar are to provide information on the background of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF, answer any questions about the scope of the call, and provide an opportunity to network between different sectors and disciplines. The UK’s Foundation Industries (comprised of Glass, Metals, Cement, Ceramics, Bulk Chemicals and Paper), produce 75% of all the materials in the UK economy and are vital for the manufacturing and construction industries. The ISCF Transforming... Read more
Presented by Corin Taylor of DNV GL, this IPIECA webinar will explore the potential of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to support hard-to-decarbonise sectors such as manufacture of steel, cement and petrochemicals in the transition to net-zero emissions. In addition, the webinar will examine what ‘zero carbon’ means in practice and the policy mechanisms needed to bring hydrogen and CCS technology to market. The webinar will also discuss some of the technical aspects... Read more
This online session is hosted at 18:30 BST by Professor Marco Dell'Aquila from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe, and founder of Power Capital. The speakers lineup includes: Christopher Jackson, Protium Green Solutions, UK Patrick Molloy, Rocky Mountain Institute, US Markus Wilthaner, McKinsey & Company, UK If registration reaches capacity, you are invited to watch the seminar on
Hydrogen presents the world with a significant opportunity to decarbonise our energy system, contributing to a more secure, affordable and sustainable future. With increasing support from government, including adequate policy schemes, a mature hydrogen economy could help abate 6 Gt of annual CO2 emissions and result in $2.5 trillion in annual sales, creating 30 million jobs worldwide.   The World Hydrogen Fuels Summit was established to move forward the conversations between industry... Read more
Dramatic changes are required in the transport sector to meet the carbon neutrality targets foreseen by the Green Deal: a 90% reduction in GHG transport emissions is needed by 2050 to achieve climate neutrality. This target can be reached with a full decarbonisation of the truck sector. The Directive on CO2 emission for Heavy Duty Vehicles sets ambitious targets for the most polluting trucks. This offers an opportunity to invest in innovative technologies such as hydrogen, which will be... Read more
The 16th International Hydrogen and Fuell Cell Expo, held inside the World Smart Energy Week - a biannual event organised in Japan, gathers under one roof all kinds of technologies and products related to "hydrogen & fuel cell", "solar cell/module", "PV systems", "rechargeable battery", "smart grid", "wind energy", "biomass power", "thermal power" and "recycling of renewable energy resources". Each field is divided into 8 specialised shows and active business meetings are conducted among... Read more