While automakers have demonstrated progress with prototypes and commercial vehicles traveling more than 500 km on a single fill, this driving range must be achievable across different vehicle makes and models and without compromising customer expectations of space, performance, safety, or cost. The TAHYA project (TAnk HYdrogen Automotive), mainly led by industrial partners - already involved in producing and manufacturing hydrogen solutions for the automotive and aviation industry, focus... Read more
In this first edition of the online technical conference Next Generation Electrolysers there will be 16 different perspectives from industry and research institutions on the challenges of scaling up electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen and the industrial application. A free basic access to the live technical program on December 08/09 is available. Topics to be discussed:  Green Hydrogen - A Utility Perspective (Vattenfall)  H2Future – Green Hydrogen from a... Read more
Clean and efficient transportation is becoming both crucial and practical with every year passing. Electric vehicles are a primary direction to realize that, and powering them can be done using the new generation, (alkaline) anion-exchange membrane fuel cells. This project, including researchers and entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Israel, will focus on training a small, exclusive group of PhD students towards the innovative challenges in electrifying urban transportation... Read more
Keep up to date with what’s happening in the zero emission buses sector! Throughout the autumn of 2020, Element Energy and Hydrogen Europe will host a series of free webinars in the lead up to the ZEB2021 Paris Conference next March. The ZEBINAR programme has been designed to cover key elements of the transition to zero emission. Participants will hear directly from operators already integrating zero emission vehicles into their bus fleets; industry representatives developing zero... Read more
The 4th EUSALP Mobility Conference initially planned on 23 June was postponed to due to the uncertainties linked to the Covid-19 epidemy it will eventually take place on 3 November 2020, in Marseille. The focus of this 4th edition is on decarbonised transport and alternative fuels with the aim to share the best practices and to deepen discussion on the solutions that can be promoted at macroregional level. The detailed program will be available at the end of September, but registrations are... Read more
The World Hydrogen & Ammonia Shipping Forum focus on hydrogen and ammonia will allow to have meaningful, in-depth discussions on the economics, supply and technology issues specific to these fuels covering a broad range of vessel segments including cargo ships, container ships, ferries, cruise ships, superyachts, offshore support vessels and tugboats.  The congress will be taking place across two days online.  
The Green Hydrogen Summit - Chile 2020 International Conference is the largest hydrogen event to be held in Latin America and one of the main open access digital conferences on the subject. This two days virtual event will bring together authorities and company representatives to analyze the opportunities and challenges that hydrogen presents in the world. In addition, the event includes a platform that will allow business meetings between the different actors in the hydrogen value chain.... Read more
Climate change is one of today’s most pressing global challenges and demands for a phase-out of fossil fuels such as natural gas. One of the most promising substitutes is hydrogen. The carbon-free fuel gas may be produced e.g. from water and renewable electricity. As a gaseous fuel, it can be transported, stored, and utilised in all end-use sectors that are served by natural gas today: Power plants, industry, commercial appliances, households, and mobility. But what are the implications on... Read more
Under the Mission Innovation – Innovation Challenge Hydrogen and on behalf of the European Commission, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is pleased to invite you to a webinar organised together with the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) on the challenge of moving the electrolysers technology to a GW scale in the next decade. The speakers will look at how the EU Hydrogen Strategy published in July 2020 and the German Hydrogen Strategy can promote the... Read more
The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission are organising an Online Workshop “Decarbonisation of Heavy Duty Vehicles: Zero Emission Heavy Goods Vehicles” which will take place on Wednesday October 28th 2020 from 10:00 to 16:30. The overall aim of the workshop is to consider the different options for full decarbonisation of the Heavy Duty Road Transport sector by 2050, considering technologies that are zero-emission at the point of use. The scope will include Hydrogen Fuel Cells,... Read more