The ninth edition of the biennial International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS2021) will be taking place in Edinburgh on 21st to 23rd September 2021. Organised by the Scottish Government and HySafe, the event will focus on the overarching theme of ‘Safe Hydrogen for Net Zero’. The conference will present the state-of-the-art, new developments, regulatory and normative aspects and practical implications with regard to hydrogen safety. The overarching themes for ICHS2021 include Energy... Read more
The annual event for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell experts provides an extensive overview of relevant international markets and industries as well as technological advancements. The interactive format offers an ideal platform for experts and newcomers alike to connect, discuss and set up sustainable business relationships. f-cell 2021 consists of a conference with interactive sessions and trade fair. The f-cell conference program gives a broad overview of growing international markets and market... Read more
The Joint European Summer School (JESS in short) dates back to 2004 when the first Summer School was organized in Greece. By now, the Summer School has taken place 17 times with a total of over 750 students. Participants can select from six individual course modules run in the two weeks: Week 1 offers three comprehensive introductions aimed at graduate and PhD students and young professionals within the fields of low and high temperature fuel cells &  electrolysis, and in battery... Read more
The 2nd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2021) will be held at Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday, 2nd September 2021. The role of hydrogen in decarbonizing road, rail, shipping, aviation, industrial and household applications is now widely accepted. The 2nd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2021) will focus on the use of hydrogen in aviation, the associated benefits, and emerging challenges. The IHAC 2021 is the 2nd event to be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland. The... Read more
The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is pleased to invite you to our webinar on Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers (AEMEL). Still in early development stage, AEMEL have the potential of combining the strengths of alkaline and PEM electrolysers. Since 2020 the FCH JU has supported the three cutting-edge projects on this research field: ANIONE, CHANNEL and NEWELY. The projects will be showcasing their targets, achievements and remaining challenges in developing 2kW... Read more
The EFCF 2021, taking place from 29 June to 2 July, addresses issues of low-temperature FUEL CELLS and electrolysers including CO2 reduction. These technologies are also strongly linked to hydrogen and its processing. The conference topics will range from fundamental understanding of the relevant materials as well as of the kinetics and mass/heat/water transport processes, H2 purifcation, compression, storage and distribution, all the way to the implementation in real-world devices,... Read more
OxiGEN: Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications Funded by the FCH JU, OxiGEN project aims at promoting the development of an innovative SOFC platform with an all ceramic stack integrated into a modular hotbox, for small stationary applications. Thanks to its higher durability and simpler design, this novel stack can fulfill the customers’ needs for long lifetime, high efficiency and low cost, in micro-CHP and other segments.... Read more
IPHE Safety Forum  |  Tuesday 22 June 2021 at 18:00CEST This Forum will provide information on hydrogen safety and the safety resources available. This includes the institutions that are leading on hydrogen safety issues, international collaborative initiatives sharing information on hydrogen safety measures, and where one can go to get information on the latest developments related to all aspects of hydrogen safety. Focus of Discussion: • What systems are in place to help... Read more
At WHTC 2021, local and international attendees have the opportunity to present their technical findings and advancements in hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as participate in f-cell+HFC, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event for marketing and networking. WHTC is hosted by the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE). WHTC together with f-cell+HFC join two important worlds: innovative technologies and... Read more
The workshop “Game Changer Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Water Electrolysers" comes from an initiative of the FCH JU Neptune and Pretzel projects to discuss next generation polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysers. The “Game Changer” aims to identify a major step improvement for water electrolysis looking to novel solutions mainly developed at intermediate Technological Readiness Levels to significantly increase performances of the electrolysers. The scope is... Read more