This year’s Stakeholder Forum will take place on 10 December 2020, in Brussels. The Programme Review Days will precede the Forum, on 8-9 December 2020. More information will be circulated in due time and will be published on our website.
The 4th edition of the International Workshop on Degradation Issues of Fuel Cells and Electrolysers will take place this year from 30 September to 02 October in Corfu, Greece. Co-organised by FORTH/ICEHT, the University of Birmingham (UoB) and the Horizon 2020, FCH JU funded project - NewSOC, the event will cover different subjects: Durability requirements in Fuel Cell and Electrolyser applications Mechanisms limiting Fuel Cell or Electrolyser Durability... Read more
The World Hydrogen Congress is the leading annual meeting place for senior executives working in the field of hydrogen production, transportation, distribution, storage, policy and end use applications.   The global energy markets are in transition led by the technological disruption of renewable energy power, digital technologies and the need to decarbonize the power generation, mobility and heat energy markets in the face of the rapidly evolving climate reality. Hydrogen is a... Read more
Launched in 2006 by the European Commission, the EUSEW is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards cleaner, more secure and more efficient power. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders focus on sustainable energy issues, debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas... Read more
Hydrogen presents the world with a significant opportunity to decarbonise our energy system, contributing to a more secure, affordable and sustainable future. With increasing support from government, including adequate policy schemes, a mature hydrogen economy could help abate 6 Gt of annual CO2 emissions and result in $2.5 trillion in annual sales, creating 30 million jobs worldwide.   The World Hydrogen Fuels Summit was established to move forward the conversations between industry... Read more
Dramatic changes are required in the transport sector to meet the carbon neutrality targets foreseen by the Green Deal: a 90% reduction in GHG transport emissions is needed by 2050 to achieve climate neutrality. This target can be reached with a full decarbonisation of the truck sector. The Directive on CO2 emission for Heavy Duty Vehicles sets ambitious targets for the most polluting trucks. This offers an opportunity to invest in innovative technologies such as hydrogen, which will be... Read more
The 16th International Hydrogen and Fuell Cell Expo, held inside the World Smart Energy Week - a biannual event organised in Japan, gathers under one roof all kinds of technologies and products related to "hydrogen & fuel cell", "solar cell/module", "PV systems", "rechargeable battery", "smart grid", "wind energy", "biomass power", "thermal power" and "recycling of renewable energy resources". Each field is divided into 8 specialised shows and active business meetings are conducted among... Read more
How will hydrogen transform the future of mobility and energy? What are its potential new applications? The international FCHgo Award challenges pupils to imagine innovative applications of FCH technology that will transform our daily-lives in the future. The theme of the contest is ‘World of the future: the best FCH application’. Teams of pupils are invited to submit a project – a movie, photo story, collage, model – or any other creative product that follows this theme.The project... Read more
The first African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) Conference will take place on 19th, 20th February 2020 in Ethiopia.  Conference highlights:  AHP members will discuss and vote on crucial topics in order to formally establish the African Hydrogen Partnership at its first Annual General Meeting. The European Commission and the FCH JU will have two keynote speeches on 19 February.  Hydrogen in Horizon Europe and the Green Deal, Dr. Chamberlain, European Commission... Read more
The Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, showcasing successful projects on financing climate adaptation, energy efficiency, clean mobility and innovative energy planning, as well as initiatives working across Europe to facilitate the market for climate and sustainable energy finance. The event is organised by the European Commission's Directorates-General for Energy and Climate Action and the Executive Agency... Read more