The HPEM2GAS consortium is organising a final project event on 12 February 2018 in Emdem, Germany.  Distributed energy generation using renewable power sources and advanced energy storage technologies are of paramount importance for the future energy system. Hydrogen will assume in the future increased environmental and societal relevance in addressing energy issues, pollution and global warming.   The HPEM2GAS project is developing a low cost PEM electrolyser optimised for... Read more
The Zero Emission Bus conference is an opportunity to connect with experts in the industry and an open invitation to regional policy makers and stakeholders to participate in the next wave of global public transport innovation. It will take place in Cologne, Germany on 27- 28 November 2018. After a successful London-based conference in 2016, attended by over 250 global stakeholders, this year’s discussion will be held in Cologne: a city with a proven commitment to decarbonising public... Read more
CAPENERGIES in collaboration with IEA Hydrogen will be organizing an international workshop on the 20th of November 2018. The objectives of the Workshop are to: Present an overview of the Power-to-Gas demonstration projects around the world Present the analysis of these projects done by CAPENERGIES Focus on particular projects Analyze the future needs of the demonstration projects in the form of a Roadmap that will be published by IEA Hydrogen in early 2019 The FCH JU,... Read more
The 2018 edition of the FCH JU Programme Review Days and Stakeholder Forum will take place on 14 - 16 November in Brussels. Venue: Charlemagne Building (European Commission):  Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels Registration is now closed!   
This One Day Conference organised by European Policy Solutions with the support of the University of Hull will look at the current and potential use of hydrogen and fuel cells as a zero emission fuel and energy source for the port and maritime industries. These industries play a major role in the economic prosperity and well-being of the European Union but like other transport modes they are under increasing pressure to reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and noise. For further details contact... Read more
Last chance to apply for the 'Hydrogen Europe Research Young Scientist Award', with deadline of 15th October 2018.  All information and eligibility criteria can be found on the website of Hydrogen Europe. Hydrogen Europe Research is pleased to announce the annual awards to be presented to outstanding young scientists contributing to the three pillars of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Joint Undertaking. Areas of interest include fundamentals, applications and analysis in the... Read more
The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking is organising a Workshop on PEMFC Stack and MEA manufacturing processes and quality control techniques in Brussels on 11 October 2018. Throughout the one-day event industry and research representatives will gather to discuss the challenges stemming from the need of rapidly upscaling stacks and MEAS manufacturing volumes, while delivering products in line with OEMs’ expectations. The event represents an excellent opportunity to share... Read more
The EU flagship hydrogen project H2ME is hosting on 10 October a Hydrogen Mobility Roundtable event, in partnership with the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and Hydrogen Europe. Background Local authorities are being measured by how they implement future indicators as securing quality of life, economic development, sustainability and climate protection. Consequently, many cities and regions are now establishing green plans along with clean air... Read more
The 8th meeting of the Regions and Cities initiative will be organised on 9 October 2018 in Brussels. It will take place from 10:30- 16:00. The meeting will focus on the outcomes of the study and the next steps. It will be followed by a networking drinks reception. If you wish to attend the meeting, you must register on- line.  After your registration, you will receive a confirmation e- mail. Please print this e-mail and bring it with you to the meeting. Please register on- line only... Read more
The conference will focus on vehicle and infrastructure deployment with key focus on the H2ME 1&2 projects in the Nordic countries. The conference will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, October 9-10th. The key is to increase the visibility of current vehicle and infrastructure deployment where the H2ME project is a current cornerstone. During the event ride and drive of FCEV´s will be provided. For further details see