World Hydrogen Fuels Summit 2020

Hydrogen presents the world with a significant opportunity to decarbonise our energy system, contributing to a more secure, affordable and sustainable future. With increasing support from government, including adequate policy schemes, a mature hydrogen economy could help abate 6 Gt of annual CO2 emissions and result in $2.5 trillion in annual sales, creating 30 million jobs worldwide.


The World Hydrogen Fuels Summit was established to move forward the conversations between industry and government, particularly in efforts to discuss real-world needs and key barriers to deployment. Taking place in Amsterdam, on the 10 and 11 March 2020, the event will provide a practical approach to infrastructure, developing international integrated hydrogen supply chains, covering everything from hydrogen production to storage, transportation and use. The overarching theme for 2020 will emphasise the effort for international collaboration showcasing the world’s most promising projects and global solutions.


Key topics on the agenda

  • Hydrogen: A Real-World Opportunity

  • Establishing the Standard for Hydrogen

  • Worldwide Developments: Capturing the Potential of Hydrogen’s Key Markets

  • Enabling Investment & Surpassing the Valley of Death

  • Navigating the Transition and Hydrogen’s Role: An OEM & Utility’s Perspective

  • An inclusive and consumer focused energy system

  • The Future of Gas Market Design

  • Mobilising the Future with H2 Transport

  • Hydrogen Fueled Charging: Supporting the EV Roll-out

  • Hydrogen for People

  • Scaling Hydrogen Storage: Improving the Value of Renewable Energy

  • Catalysts for Efficient Affordable Hydrogen Production


For further information about the summit, visit the website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands