Workshop on Maritime and port applications

The FCH JU, in cooperation with the Port of Valencia and JRC, is organising a Workshop on Maritime applications in Valencia, Spain on 15- 16 June 2017.

This event follows on from the previous workshop on Smart Specialisation held in 2015 in Lyon and takes a closer look at maritime and port applications, with a number of sessions centred around the issue of hydrogen and fuel cell applications for boats/ships, logistics and stationary applications, as well as some other aspects including safety and regulations and funding mechanisms.  

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Welcome, Introductory Remarks and Overview

- Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, Mr. Alejandro Cros Bernabéu, Vice-Director General, Industrial Sector Policy

- European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Mrs. Katarzyna Drabicka, Policy Officer

- FCH2 JU, Mrs. Mirela Atanasiu, Head of Operations and Communication

Perspectives, Opportunities and Challenges for H2 in maritime

- Norway, Møre and Romsdal County Council, Mrs. Lina Jonasson, Energy Advisor

- Spain, Port of Valencia, Mrs. Mercedes de Juan, Project Manager

- Germany, e4Ships, Hysolution, Heinrich Klingenberg, Managing Director

H2 and Fuel Cells for clean ships

- Ballard, Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard, Business Development Director

- ABB Marine & Ports, Mr. Klaus Vänskä, Global Business Development Manager

- Fincantieri Spa,  Gerardo Borgogna, Research and Innovation

-  Project MARANDA, PersEE, Laurence Grand-Clément, President

- Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, Thomas Wannemacher, Head of Product management 

H2 and Fuel Cells for clean material handling vehicles

- MSC Terminals, Sven Valentin, Terminal Manager

- Nuvera Fuel Cells, Gus Block, Director of Marketing and Corporate Development

- HyPulsion – PlugPower, Ranjieve Williams, Director

- PowerCell, Per Erkunge, Chief Technical Officer

Horizontal considerations: RCS, regulations safety, environment

- Safety – European Commission, Mr.Rafael Ortiz Cebolla, Scientific / Technical Project Officer

- Regulations, Codes and Standards - DNV GL Maritime, Mr. Lars Langfeldt, Senior Project Eng.

- Regulations - Lloyd’s Register, Mr. Joseph Morelos, Technology Innovation Strategic Marketing Manager

- Environment, International Energy Agency HIA – NTNU, Mrs. Sepideh Jafarzadeh, Researcher

H2 and Fuel Cells for clean stationary applications and H2 infrastructure

- HyGear, Ellart de Wit

- NEL Hydrogen, Bjørn Simonsen, Vice President

- ITM, Kris Hyde, Technology Manager

- AirLiquide, Axane,  Eric Claude, Director of Innovation

- Hydrogenics,  Mark Kammerer, Director Business Development

- Project BIG HIT, Fundacion Hidrogeno Aragon,  Jesus Simon, Head of Technical Department

Smart Specialisation: Programs and Funding Opportunities on H2 and Fuel Cells

- Smart Specialisation platform, Rafael Ortiz Cebolla, Scientific / Technical Project Officer

- Synergies between H2020 and ERDF, JRC Sevilla, Karolina Horbaczewska and Mathieu Doussineau

- Collaboration with Regions & Cities- Developing FCH Business cases. Carlos Navas, FCH JU & Markus Kaufmann, Roland Berger

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Valencia, Spain