Webinar: Hydrogen for a green recovery of European islands

This online session will showcase the ability of hydrogen & associated technologies to decarbonize islands, while generating jobs and growth needed for the economic recovery. Islands are confronted with a number of energy challenges due to their specific geographic and climatic conditions. Islands’ economy is often largely based on tourism and related activities, which not only results in unbalanced seasonal energy demand, but is a sector which has been strongly affected by current pandemic.

Building on the successful experience of Hydrogen Valleys in the FCH JU call 2019, FCH JU intends in 2020 to demonstrate hydrogen potential for the islands. We’ll identify the priorities of the clean energy sector the for post-COVID economic recovery and the opportunity to pivot towards sustainable energy and transport solutions in the specific case of the islands. Participants will discuss issues such as:

  • developing bankable hydrogen projects for the islands
  • decarbonising tourism in the new economic context
  • will bring examples of hydrogen infrastructure developments that create growth and jobs

This session is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week - Beyond the Crisis: Clean Energy for Green Recovery and Growth. For more information about the session, follow the link

Wednesday, June 24, 2020