Webinar: Fuel cells in buildings: an easy plug-and-play solution to reduce energy costs and emissions

Fuel cells are a cost-effective way for households and businesses to generate their own electricity and heat with hydrogen. On- and off-grid units are today commercially available and already more than 10,000 systems have been installed in Europe. The demand for this new technology is increasing as customers are growing more interested. This free webinar is organised for stakeholders from the energy supply chain and explains how fuel cells work and how easy it is to install and integrate them in existing buildings and heating and power systems.



  • Welcome
  • Fuel cells in buildings: a cost-effective and carbon reducing solution - Hans Korteweg - COGEN
  • Europe Fuel cells in micro-cogeneration mode for buildings: easy to install and maintain - Jan-Willem Tolkamp - SOLIDpower
  • Description of existing fuel cells micro-cogeneration prevalence in Europe and customer attitudes to the technology- George Carew-Jones – Element Energy
  • Q&A


Tuesday, June 16, 2020