Webinar: Fuel cells and hydrogen – the missing link to decarbonise Europe’s building stock?

Fuel cells have a great potential to make buildings carbon neutral. They generate electricity and heat from hydrogen in a very efficient way. A fuel cell unit brings tremendous benefits by significantly reducing the energy costs and carbon footprint of a building. It supports energy systems integration, by liking electricity, heat and gas systems. Discover during this free webinar how fuel cells exactly work, their potential to build a more sustainable energy system and the concrete benefits for the end-user.



  • Welcome
  • Fuel cells in buildings: many benefits and opportunities for the energy system and end-user - Hans Korteweg - COGEN Europe
  • Fuel cells in micro-cogeneration mode: the technology explained - Jan-Willem Tolkamp - SOLIDpower
  • How fuel cells in buildings can help to make the European Green Deal a reality - Alexandra Tudoroiu - COGEN Europe


Tuesday, May 26, 2020