Webinar: Boosting the hydrogen economy through international cooperation

Cooperation, both at the EU and international levels, is an essential element to boost the hydrogen economy worldwide. Projects that can help to unlock the potential of the technology and contribute to smart systems and sector integration have never been more fundamental.

EU-funded as well international partnerships have already delivered strong evidence on the benefits of hydrogen solutions and are now interested in discussing how cooperation between sectors and projects can further boost smart integration and the hydrogen economy.

The main objective of this event is, therefore, to present the outstanding impact already delivered by individual hydrogen projects and discuss how the technology can now enable smart integration from different energy sectors.

Presentations will be targeted to hydrogen experts, policy makers, corporations/SMEs and citizens interested in the benefits of using smart hydrogen for future generation.


This session is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week - Beyond the Crisis: Clean Energy for Green Recovery and Growth. For more information about the session, follow the link.


Thursday, June 25, 2020